Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Parambikulam Honeymoon Packages

Kerala Honeymoon Packages

Kerala Honeymoon Packages Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the midst of other secured territories and havens in the Western Ghats. It structures a biological continuum from Peechi to Eravikulam and consequently upholds expansive untamed life populaces. The woods here are truly thick and possibilities of locating wild creatures are high. Kerala Honeymoon Packages Traversing 285 square kilometer, Parambikkulam haven can be considered as the most flexible ensured timberland in the entire Western Ghats. It has patches of evergreen woodland, shola woods, deciduous timberland, damp land alongside teak and eucalyptus ranches. The haven is home to undermined well evolved creatures like Lion Tailed Macaque,Kerala Honeymoon Packages Nilgiri Langur, Nilgiri Tahr, Nilgiri Marten, Sambar, Small Travancore Flying Squirrel and Gaur. Among the plants, 13 species are endemic to the Western Ghats. Website: www.seasonzindia.com

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