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Kerala Famous Tourist Destinations

Kerala Honeymoon Packages in Cochi
Kerala Honeymoon Packages in Varkala
Kerala Honeymoon Packages in Tekkadi
Kerala has nothing however pleasant surprises for tourists and crazy travelers. With the ne'er ending stacks of coconut palms on one aspect and therefore the scenic read of the Western Ghats on the opposite, you only can’t get enough of God’s Own Country. aiming to provide the land of coconuts a visit? We’ll provide you with the list of best places to go to in Kerala.


Also referred to as Kochi, town became known for its major port space on the geographic area of the sea. For the exact same reason, town contains a denomination – The Queen of the sea. It ranks 1st within the high tourer destinations in Kerala and Asian country. Kochi has been hospitable traders and travelers right from the traditional times. The Paradesi place of worship, designed method back in 1568, could be a major tourer attraction in Kochi. The Marine Drive could be a fashionable promenade high the backwaters. The stamping ground is enclosed by malls and a favourite place for the locals and foreigners alike. Capitol Hill Palace is that the largest archaeological deposit in Kerala. A not-to-miss destination in Kochi is Fort Kochi, an area of historical significance. The known Cheena Vala (Chinese fishing nets) may be noticed here.


Often delineate jointly of the highest places you need to visit before respiration your last, Varkala is legendary or its stunning lineation and beach. The place was at the start unknown and it had been within the recent past that Varkala became an ad spot for tourists. attributable to the running lineation, beaches area unit a standard sight in Kerala however what makes Varkala distinctive is that the formation by the beach. The formation is that the good place to observe the sunset. The beach stretches up to a metric linear unit and is certain to supply you the most effective looking at expertise.


Trivandrum is brought up the locals as Thiruvananthapuram, a reputation conformation the most temple god, Sri Padmanabhaswamy. Loosely translated, Thrivananthapuram suggests that ‘the town of Lord Ananta. The temple is that the most picture landmark in Kerala. per recent estimates, price} of the monumental things and different assets of the temple area unit worth quite $18 billion. excluding the temple, Kovalam beach and Shangumukham beach area unit fashionable destinations for tourists. The Trivandrum installation is additionally value a visit.


Are you a giant fan of wildlife? If thus, Thekkady is that the good spot for you. Elephants, tigers, deers, boars and a lot of of the kind that you simply don't get to look at terribly simply. Thekkady contains a special boat trip round the little strips of land wherever the life resides. With to a small degree of luck, you'll simply be able to spot a bunch of elephants. The tigers area unit to a small degree back and don't start within the open fairly often however like mentioned before; you may get to check one or 2 if you're lucky.

Make sure you visit these places if you ever commit to build Kerala your destination. There area unit a lot of places to explore and knowledge however these area unit those that may provide any person a decent begin.


  1. Kerala is one of the most beautiful states in India. It has covered a lot of wonderful tourist designations. Last year I visited there after complete my bus philadelphia nyc tour. I visited the Alappuzha Beach in Kerala. The beach has a small park nearby. Alappuzha Lighthouse stands near the beach which is also an interesting spot for tourists. This beach is one of the best beach locations for movies. Movies like Thashan, sura etc were shoot here partially. Thousands of people come to enjoy the holidays. It is best place for enjoyment with family and friends.

  2. What makes Varkala distinctive is that the formation by the beach.

    That's right. The beach in Varkala is unique because it is the only beach on the Arabian Sea with cliffs.
    I live in varkala.

    Thanks for sharing. Cheers.

  3. Good post. The beauty of the places to visit in Kerala simply can’t be put into words. After all, it’s God’s Own Country and the fabulous tourist places in Kerala such as Kollam, Chembra Peak, Wayanad, and Kabini enthrall the soul. Explore more about Mannarasala temple, a very ancient temple dedicated to serpent gods.

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